Ahoy Games

Ahoy Games is an indie game development studio based in Warsaw POLAND. Our main driving belief is to have fun while making games that will provide fun for our players. We still try to keep the way we do things as if we are hobbyists, loving what we do, keeping the same excitement and motivation we had at the beginning of our careers. This drives us forward! We also focus very much on ergonomics of our work, we try to make sure that all our team members has IPS panel displays and sits in the highest quality of workstation chairs, uses the highest quality desks and uses a preference of keyboard and mice set they prefer. By allowing our team members to work more efficiently, we believe that working becomes way more joyful, while increasing our production power. At this point we are determined to focus on self-publishing and working on our own intellectual properties. We are currently developing games for Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms.´´

Tiny Bombers
Projekct Mike
Chubby Roll

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