Wastelands Interactive

Wastelands Interactive is an independent game development studio based in Lodz, Poland. Build with the team of dedicated gamers focused on creating deep strategy and tactic games. Since established in 2009, Wastelands team is committed to creating strategy games with an emphasis on originality and quality. Over the past years, we have successfully delivered several titles for all kinds of players. Our products are easily accessible and available for all main gaming platforms: consoles, personal computer and mobile.

Our newest game is Planar Conquest - The spiritual successor to the classic 1994 game Master of Magic, Planar Conquest is a unique blend of fantasy role-play, and 4x turn-based strategy on improved modern technology.

Explore an almost limitless number of uniquely generated universes, using military and magical powers to overcome your foes. Find cities, build empires, raise armies, cast spells, and create powerful artifacts in your bid to become the Supreme Sorcerer Lord. Explore, Expand, Exploit, and Exterminate across 7 planes of existence. Each plane has its own set of special features that can be customized by shape, landmass and size (up to 128x128 tiles). You will find over 40 different kinds of building to improve your settlements, over 150 military units to recruit, and many magical creatures to summon for help. 

Time of Fury
Strategic War in Europe
Planar Conquest

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