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We are The Code Horizon - polish game porting and development studio from Silesian district and this is our story.

Everything, as always, starts with an idea. In our case it was rather a simple one: "of course, we can do it better!". Now, when we think of it after a few years of hard work, we wonder "how little did we know?".

As the Founders of the Studio, we`ve met in 2012 while working on our first simulator - AMW Wolverine. It wasn`t released through the public channels, because it was a "secret" (quote, quote) military project. Kamil Lebek (founder, current CEO, ex-City Interactive) and Przemysław Bartkowiak (founder, current CTO, ex-Nicolas Games) were working then for a Polish Ministry of Defense, in R&D center in Gliwice. 

Wolverine project was about creating most detailed and comprehensive simulation of the entire platoon. We had to synchronize hardware manipulators (sticks, buttons, etc.) with multiplayer simulation for over 30 trainees, all playing simultaneously. Sharing the passion for state of the art simulation, we knew it was the right direction. After finishing project in 2014, we started our own company called Code Horizon.

Utilizing our experience in creating simulation, FPS and handheld games, the idea for the ultimate PC simulation was born. A game about world`s biggest machines. Our Producer helped us with game design and refined the concept - that`s how we started production of our first game - Giant Machines.

In addition to creating games we love to play, we did quite a lot of side-projects including, but not limited to:

Computer Vision - posture / human recognition for CCTV monitoring and surveillance systems

Motion Capture - integrating Cortex Mocap studio with Unreal Engine 4 for Motion Analysis Corporation.

Currently (2016), we are in alpha stage of our next simulator about ore excavation (sandbox mining game). As I`m writing this "Giant Machines 2017" is about to be released and we keep our fingers crossed for the premiere (scheduled for 10.2016). In the meantime, our team grew from 4 people up to 10 and it should double by the end of 2017, since we started porting activity for our publisher.

Our studio is a mix of GD-veterans and junior developers, split into 2 teams. First team is working on our current title, while another is porting games for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (they are mostly programmers). There`s also a bunch of 2D/3D artists and designers supporting both groups.

Nowadays, we are planning to steadily grow our company. Long term goal is to develop at least 2 titles at once and support more platforms in our porting centre (except PS4, X1, we are thinking about PS Vita, Nintendo WiiU, 3DS and various mobile devices). If everything goes well, we will hopefully start publishing & marketing activity on our own, targeting mostly Polish Indie Developers. 


Giant Machines 2017

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