Hyperstrange came into existence at the exact time of sun eclipse in April 2015. Przemysław Miliński and Łukasz Jarząb first met as co-workers in another indie company based in Warsaw, where they had developed their first games. Several years of working together on various projects kind of glued them. While no longer working together, they started taking part in game jams, what had eventually been followed by the idea of creating something bigger, but for the moment those were only mrzonki. Some time later, after another reunion, one of them shared a dream of a game. Epic as Dark Forces, demanding like Dark Souls and colourful like My Little Pony. The idea was born. They both left their jobs, putting all their life savings at stake. Galvanized by the surging voice of Ronnie James Dio, they decided on bringing to life their biggest desire. Intense Heavy Metal First Person Melee Slasher. ELDERBORN. Combining their unique powers, loads of enthusiasm and yet shabby office in Warsaw city centre, they embarked on their journey as indie developers.


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